Frequently Asked Questions

Who sets the selling price?

Pricing will be recommended by Audio Exchange staff, with Consignor approval. Items should be priced to sell within the first 90 days.

What is the cost of consignment?

Standard consignment rates are 60% of the sale proceeds going to the Consignor and 40% to the Consignee (Vintage Audio Exchange). These rates are subject to change. Large consignments may allow for special rates. Contact us about consignment.

Are you a service and repair center?

We do offer speaker re-foaming services. However, we do not offer repair services for your electronic equipment, we can provide at least two options. Audio Exchange would consider purchasing the item so that we can have it repaired by an authorized service center, or we can point you to that service center.

What type of audio devices will I expect to find?

Our primary focus is on audio components from the 1980s and older. Popular items are audio amplifiers for stereo, pre-amps, turntables, antique record players, antique radios, jukeboxes and 45 records. Search our Store for more