Turntable Services

Turntable Service Offerings

Vintage Audio Exchange provides general service and maintenance for most turntables. Please do not hesitate to call us in advance to ensure we can provide the type of service you need for your specific table. The manufacturers name and the specific model number of your table is critical to making sure we provide you the most accurate information possible. The make and model number of your cartridge/stylus is also critical if you are looking for assistance with these components.

If your turntable has not been serviced for 5 years or more, we recommend you have it serviced to ensure your table is in good working order and to avoid damage to your vinyl collection.

General Service

  • Test the functionality of the phono cartridge to ensure the proper output of both channels
  • Check the status of your stylus (needle) to avoid damage to your vinyl
  • Check the cartridge alignment, tracking weight and anti-skate settings
  • Clean and test switches and adjustments such as speed controls
  • Check belts for wear and replace if necessary (if applicable)
  • Lube turntable motor

We do maintain an inventory of belts, cartridges and stylus, though there are far too many options to have them all on hand. If you provide us in advance with the make and model of your component, most replacement parts are available within 2-3 business days. In the event we find your table is unrepairable or it is not cost effective to repair, we have a wide selection of turntables to choose from.

Contact us about turntable services.